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What if the truth is that there is no truth?

The only thing I can prove is there is no proof

19 October
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112, 24, 311, accents, acoustic songs, adrenaline, all nighters, alternative music, american history x, angelina jolie, apple juice, art, asking questions, back to the future, black and white photography, breakfast, breathing, caffeine, central michigan university, cheesecake, cheesy breadsticks, chocolate milk, cmu, coheed & cambria, comfy hoodies, concerts, corndogs, cuddling, dead like me, design, digital photography, donnie darko, dorks, drawing, dreaming, dreams, drinking, duct tape, dvds, edward scissorhands, eminem, entertainment, eyes, fight club, film-making, final fantasy, friends, full house, geek girls, graphic design, homestar runner, hoobastank, hoodies, hugs, incubus, independant films, jeans, jones soda, kevin smith, kevin smith movies, kissing, laughing, lips, livejournal, livejournal styles, love, lust, macaroni and cheese, macs, making out, making people laugh, massages, meeting people, memento, minority report, mitch hedberg, mountain dew, movies, mt. pleasant, murder by numbers, music, my bed, my friends, my rum, neverending story, night sky, nightmares, nintendo, oreos, phantom planet, photography, photoshop, pictures, piercings, pizza, r&b, radiohead, ramen, requiem for a dream, roadtrips, romance, sarcasm, saved by the bell, seafood, seduction, self portraits, singing, skies, skin, skittles, sleeping, slurpees, smallville, spongebob squarepants, stars, staying up late, stephen lynch, sunrise, sunset, sunsets, super nintendo, swimming, t-shirts, taco bell, talking, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tenacious d, that '70s show, that 70's show, the dead zone, the lost boys, the o.c., the postal service, the used, thunder storms, thunderstorms, thursday mornings, usher, vampires, vanilla, vanilla coke, vanilla sky, video games, video production, w00t, watching movies, web design, weekends, what dreams may come